The Razor-edge of Life

“As a volunteer at Ronald McDonald House, I witnessed the closeness between you, Barb and Jasper… Ronald McDonald House could gift your book to every family whose child is faced with cancer because it is filled with truth, inspiration, hope, raw emotion and, most important, love.”
“I’ve been immersed every free moment… It’s heart-wrenchingly well-written. I haven’t seen Stephen or Barb since the Pacific Swift days – reading Onwards We Go, I feel like I’ve been invited to an intimate family dinner. I cannot humanly comprehend what you two have been through. Thank you for sharing your story with the world, and offering me a vicarious glimpse of an incredible human being, Jasper.”
– Steve Wilson 
“A wonderful book. Funny, touching and full of heart. Best read I’ve had this year.”
– Wendy Chrinko
Thank you Stephen and Barb for giving us all the gift of knowing Jasper, even if it was only for a little while. I can think of no better way to keep his memory alive than in the pages of this book. Thank you for this and thank you for him.
– Taylor Cooke
The Mohan’s were the first family we met at BC Children’s Hospital when Marko was undergoing his first round of chemo. We could not have met a more inspiring family on our first day of fighting cancer. I think they truly opened the doors for us: on how to prepare yourself for what lay ahead, and how as a family you will get through this. They like to laugh a lot – something that made us feel at home.
This fine man takes you into just a glimpse of what they went through. He himself, his wife, and twice his son battled cancer to the end. They are the definition of courage and strength in my mind. They were and will continue to be a part of our journey forever.
– Paula Perovich Marconato

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