ABOMINABLE MOHAN PUBLISHING  provides the quality of a traditional publishing house with the heart and personal touch of an indie publisher. I offer various ‘author services’ focusing on book production. Book production includes proofreading, editing, cover design and interior layout – along with illustration, indexing and other services. Additionally, I offer book promotion services such as PR over social media outlets, designing author websites, promotional materials such as branded book table jackets, and other resources. I use the self-serve publishing platform and distribution/print-on-demand company IngramSpark. This company offers distribution to Amazon and other online retailers, bookstores and libraries. I provide title set-up on the IngramSpark platform and upload the book files for authors.


I offer a base package that brings the author’s words to life in the physical form of a paperback book that has the quality of a traditional publisher.

This includes; title set up, formatting, ISBN setup, IngramSpark account setup, proofreading, editing, cover design, and interior layout.

You’re free to choose which services you want: for example, perhaps your book has already been edited and you don’t need this service.


Submit your manuscript so I can determine the required formatting and editing necessary and I will provide the author with an accurate quote.
*an hourly fee for revisions over a certain number may apply

Additional ‘add-on’ services: media and PR materials, author website design and construction.

I provide the ISBN and Abominable Mohan Publishing is named as the publisher.

You keep 100% of your commission / royalties. I charge you only for the services provided and nothing else. I will open your author’s account with IngramSpark so you can manage your own print-on-demand and world distrbution.


  • A unique and professionally designed book cover
  • Custom interior page design crafted especially for the author
  • A skillfully designed interior created with consideration given to the unique qualities of the book and the target market
  • Professional copy editing and proofreading
  • Typesetting using professional design software
  • Assistance in uploading files for print-on-demand distribution through IngramSpark
  • Professional and dedicated assistance throughout the journey

Stephen Mohan, Abominable Mohan Publishing

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