I’ve completed the first draft! It’s feeling more than just a little surreal to be at this stage.

Writing this book has certainly not been easy. What a rollercoaster ride of a journey. Sometimes the cart was cresting a climb, leaving me weightless and laughing. Other times the tracks led down dark tunnels of despair that made me weep.

Today I went to an office supply chain to print a hardcopy. I set about loading my print card and, with some nervousness and trepidation, pushed the button labeled ‘START’.

The store had been void of any canned music. As the first sheets rolled off the printer, how fitting it was to hear Five for Fighting’s song ‘100 Years’ begin to play. It opens with a sentimental piano track. It’s about yearning to return to your youth: to the age of fifteen.

I’ll take that as a sign that my fifteen-year-old was there with me today, both of us watching our story being transferred onto paper. I couldn’t help but cry.

Onwards we go…