6 11, 2017

The Heavy Load of Grief


I offer you a view of what grief can look like. Out of control! I’m careening down a big hill on my bicycle at full speed. There’s something wrong with my brakes and they won’t engage. I can’t stop. Inches to my left, a constant string [...]

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2 10, 2017

Hit the Ground Running


I’m happy to report that book #1 of Onwards We Go, the first copy off the press, has been live-auctioned at the Cops For Cancer Tour de Rock Gala dinner. It seems such a fitting way for the book to debut and it warms me to see that already the very first book [...]

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18 09, 2017

The Book Launch


THE BOOK HAS BEEN LAUNCHED After months of hewing at tough sections, crafting structure, chiseling detail, and shaping story... During the writing process, I've experienced deep belly laughter from the memories of hilarious escapades, and I've been reduced to tears recalling the triumphs and tribulations [...]

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9 08, 2017

Any Other Way


Earworm. I’ve got a song stuck in my head, spiraling its way into my brain. The National: The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness. Twenty-four hours in my head. I wonder if: (a) I’m going crazy, or (b) there’s a reason for it. While ‘a’ is the most probable answer, I’m game [...]

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13 07, 2017

Why I ride.


2017 Cycle of Life Tour Why I ride: Stephen Mohan Talks About the Cycle of Life Tour The 2017 Cycle of Life Tour will take 80 riders on an unforgettable cycle touring experience through the beautiful Saanich Inlet, Cowichan Valley and Gulf Islands. Cyclists will pedal nearly 200km of smooth country road to raise [...]

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12 06, 2017

Imagining My Man


Another pile of days passes, another year without you. You were fifteen when I last saw you, smack in the prime of your teenage years. Today would be your nineteenth birthday. Nineteen. No longer a boy. A man. I miss you. I wish so badly that we were still together. I would give anything. [...]

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11 04, 2017



I’ve completed the first draft! It’s feeling more than just a little surreal to be at this stage. Writing this book has certainly not been easy. What a rollercoaster ride of a journey. Sometimes the cart was cresting a climb, leaving me weightless and laughing. Other times the tracks led down dark tunnels of [...]

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24 03, 2017

Putting Myself Out There


Hello Everyone, This winter I’ve been writing a book - a memoir. Until now, I’ve been holding it close to my chest. This was because I wasn’t sure if I could complete it. Also I didn’t want any outside pressure to get it done. It’s not quite finished yet, but I am closing in [...]

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